Society has been an encouraging platform for the younger generation to become entrepreneurs and the CEO’s of tomorrow.  Tre is one teen that is not trying to reinvent the wheel, instead he wants to build a company that puts a new spin on subscription services.  “I believe that you do not always need a million dollar idea, just start with what’s working and add your own flavor to it.”


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Tre paid attention to the family grind of being a business owner and knew that it would not be an easy road. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must believe in yourself every step of the way...even when no one else does.  As a high school basketball player, he knew he already had the work ethic, he just wanted to learn more about the technology that drives business in today’s world; so while in high school he enrolled in a business class.


Snacking while studying and playing video games is sort of a comfort for Tre, so he thought “When I get to college, what if I’m not near a store, how will I get my late night snacks?”  He talked to his mom and they both felt that other students will probably have the same thoughts; this lead to the idea of Giftery Hive.


The Giftery Hive gives Tre plenty of room to be creative when curating for his hive of gifts; not just for high school and college students, but with the world of gift and snack lovers.  While the subscription boxes started for his friends in high school with room to expand upon entering college, Tre remains creative with the “hives” for other occasions, like graduation, get well, birthday and so many more.


Through technology, creativity and customer engagement, Tre is proud to join the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Tre Willis

Founder / CEO









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